The PQAT start-up, located in Paris (France), benefits from outside consultants from research laboratories and the defense industry.

Jean-Charles Faugère is senior scientist at INRIA. His research area is in Computer Algebra and more specifically the fundamental problem of solving polynomial systems. He is recognized as an expert in efficient computation of Gröbner bases and the author of the C library FGb, which is integrated in Maple (Maplesoft).

In recent years, his research led him to apply these methods to solve various problems coming from various applications and especially in cryptography. Together with other members of his team, he contributed to the development of a new general cryptanalysis technique, the so-called algebraic cryptanalysis. This technique is now  a central tool for evaluating the security of many post-quantum cryptosystems.

He was awarded the Seymour Cray’s prize and was a member of the scientific advisory board of Krypnostic.

He is the scientific leader of the POLSYS’s project team, a common team between INRIA and Sorbonne University. He has supervised more that 15 phd-students and he is the author of more than 100 publications.

Ludovic Perret is Associate Professor at Sorbonne University in the PolSys team of the Paris Computer Science Laboratory 6. Ludovic is a specialist in post-quantum cryptography. In 2016, he defended an habilitation thesis on this subject and published numerous scientific articles that analyze the security of post-quantum cryptosystems.

Ludovic is heavily involved in post-quantum standardization: a member of the post-quantum standardization group at ETSI, he is also a member of the Cloud Security Alliance think tank on post-quantum security.

Ph. D Antoine Casanova – Strategy and ICT development coordinator. He arises from Paris 8 university doctoral formation in mathematical, linguistic and artificial intelligence. He is the author of articles and a speaker on the cryptography and the cryptanalysis. He is a world reference in the cryptanalysis of the Voynich manuscript.

As expert of the Information Security, he implemented the security of systems for the Ministry of Defence, the European Community and for NATO. Within the framework of the strategy and the development of the activities in Defence and Air Traffic Management, he coordinates the actions of developments and partnerships for the ITC high-performance solutions and to high level of security.   

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