A serious threat to the security of electronic communications

The quantum computer is the promise of incredible computing power. This power is an opportunity, a source of progress, but also a serious threat to the security of electronic communications. Indeed, a sufficiently large quantum computer will render obsolete the mechanisms that protect our communications today. The quantum computer already exists, at a small scale but the risk is real. This threat is now considered credible enough to trigger a transition to so-called post-quantum cryptography.

A team of experts at the forefront of the post-quantum transition


Our mission

Support companies in the technological transition while offering long-term security products resistant to the attacks of quantum computers.

Guaranteed success

Precursors in the deployment of post-quantum cryptography.

Involved in the standardization of post-quantum cryptosystems.

Integration of our Post-Quantum signature APIs in PKI environment, archiving and timestamping.

Advanced Research

Security analysis of post-quantum and homomorphic cryptosystems.

Working on the elaboration of homomorphic protection of cloud databases

Post Quantum deployment in Special Forces

PQAT application has been tested during real experiments performed by army.  The goal was to test the next generation of communication system. The application has been deployed on Smartphones of around 100 participants (Ministry of Defence) and experimented in various operational scenarios.

The experiments were performed through a home-made 4G network deployed on a dedicated site.


Choose PQAT offers

Services & Experience


The quality of a cryptographic product does not only depend on the algorithmic aspect but also on its implementation.


The PQAT team is strong with expertise in post-quantum cryptography from academic research laboratories and the defense industry.


Optimized post-quantum cryptography software library.

Powerful tools to assess the security of cryptosystems.

Post-quantum application of RGPD and eIDAS identity management.


Address these Themes

Connected vehicles



Block Chain




Colloquia and conferences on societal and technical issues of post-quantum cryptography

About PQAT

We are an innovative start-up founded thanks to the convergence of the university research laboratories of CNRS, INRIA, Sorbonne University with Cyber-Security and Defense industries.

It is the culmination of the technological maturation project "HFEBoost" financed by SATT-LUTECH, an accelerating technology transfer unit from Sorbonne University.


Homeland Security Research Corporation

New quantum computing technologies have the potential to change long-held dynamics in commerce, intelligence, military affairs and strategic balance of power.

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