A serious threat to the security of electronic communications

The quantum computer is the promise of incredible computing power. This power is an opportunity, a source of progress, but also a serious threat to the security of electronic communications. Indeed, a sufficiently large quantum computer will render obsolete the mechanisms that protect our communications today. The quantum computer already exists, at a small scale but the risk is real. This threat is now considered credible enough to trigger a transition to so-called post-quantum cryptography.

A team of experts at the forefront of the post-quantum transition


Our mission

Support companies in the technological transition while offering long-term security products resistant to the attacks of quantum computers.

Guaranteed success

Precursors in the deployment of post-quantum cryptography.

Involved in the standardization of post-quantum cryptosystems.

Integration of our Post-Quantum signature APIs in PKI environment, archiving and timestamping.

Advanced Research

Security analysis of post-quantum and homomorphic cryptosystems.

Working on the elaboration of homomorphic protection of cloud databases

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Services & Experience


The quality of a cryptographic product does not only depend on the algorithmic aspect but also on its implementation.


The PQAT team is strong with expertise in post-quantum cryptography from academic research laboratories and the defense industry.


Optimized post-quantum cryptography software library.

Powerful tools to assess the security of cryptosystems.

Post-quantum application of RGPD and eIDAS identity management.


Address these Themes

Connected vehicles



Block Chain




Colloquia and conferences on societal and technical issues of post-quantum cryptography


About PQAT

We are an innovative start-up founded thanks to the convergence of the university research laboratories  with Cyber-Security and Defense industries.


Homeland Security Research Corporation

New quantum computing technologies have the potential to change long-held dynamics in commerce, intelligence, military affairs and strategic balance of power.

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